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Wholesale Gas

WGQ Committees, Subcommittees, Task Forces, Business Practices and Common Code Repository:
Below is a listing of all NAESB Wholesale Gas Quadrant Committees, Subcommittees, Task Forces, Business Practice standards and Common Code repository. Each committee has its own page for meeting announcements, agendas, and minutes.

Click on the desired link to access that particular page.

    NAESB Leadership Roster

    Advisory Council
    Annual Plan Subcommittee
    WGQ Board of Directors
        Board Certification Program Committee
        Board ERO Committee
        Board Gas-Electric Interdependency Committee
        Board Managing Committee
        Board Resource Committee
        Board Retail Awareness Committee
        Board Retail Structure Review Committee
    Parliamentary Committee
    Business Practices Subcommittee
        Energy Day Subcommittee
    Contracts Subcommittee
    Gas Electric Coordination Task Force (GECTF)
    Electronic Delivery Mechanisms Subcommittee (EDM)
    WGQ Executive Committee
    Publication Process Review Task Force
    Triage Subcommittee
    Information Requirements Subcommittee
    Interpretation Committee
    Technical Subcommittee
    ANSI Compliance Team

WGQ Business Practice Standards & Common Code Repository:
    NAESB Common Codes
    Implementation Guides & Booklets
    NAESB Contracts Standards & Models
    Member Ratification of Standards and Board Action
    WGQ Final Actions
    Request and Standards Development Activity
    NAESB Request for Comments & Notification of Clarifications
    Clarification Request

Inactive Subcommittees and Task Forces:
    Allocation Grid Drafting Team
    Common Codes Subcommittee
    Confirmations and Cross Contracts Ranking Subcommittee
    EBB-Internet Implementation Task Force
    EBB-Internet Transition Planning Task Force
    Expedited Data Development Subcommittee
    Future Technology Task Force
    FTTF Implementation Team
    Imbalance Subcommittee
    Internet "Look and Feel" Team
    Intraday Nominations Task Force
    Notices Task Force
    Order 637 NAESB Action Subcommittee
    Process Committee
    Title Transfer Tracking Pilot Testing Task Force
    XML Subcommittee

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