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Wholesale Electric
NAESB WEQ Committees, Subcommittees and Task Forces
Below is a listing of all NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant Committees, Subcommittees, and Task Forces, and also includes plans, governance documents and standards development activities. Each Committee has it's own page for meeting announcements, agendas, and minutes.

Click on the desired committee to access that particular page.

Link to NERC's Reliability Functional Model

Annual Plan and Governance Documents
Request and Standards Development Activity
Member Ratification of Standards and Board Actions
WEQ Final Actions
WEQ Standards
NAESB Leadership Roster

Advisory Council
Annual Plan Subcommittee
WEQ Board of Directors
      Board Certification Program Committee
      Board ERO Committee
      Board Gas-Electric Interdependency Committee
      Board Managing Committee
      Board Resource Committee
      Board Retail Awareness Committee
      Board Retail Structure Review Committee
Parliamentary Committee
WEQ Executive Committee
WEQ Business Practices Subcommittee (BPS)
      Energy Day Subcommittee
      Inadvertent Interchange Payback Task Force (IIPTF)
      Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) Group
Gas Electric Coordination Task Force (GECTF)
WEQ Electronic Scheduling Subcommittee (ESS)
      Coordinate Interchange Business Practices (CIBP) Task Force
      Joint Interchange Scheduling Working Group (JISWG)
      OASIS Task Force
WEQ Glossary Subcommittee
WEQ Information Technology Subcommittee (IT)
      OASIS Task Force
WEQ Standards Review Subcommittee (SRS)
      Coordinate Operations Business Practices (COBP) Task Force
Triage Subcommittee
WEQ Quadrant Formation
NERC-NAESB Joint Interface Committee (JIC)
WEQ Procedures Drafting Collaborative

Inactive Subcommittees and Task Forces:

WEQ Contracts Subcommittee
      Funds Transfer Agent Agreement (FTAA) Task Force
      Master Services Agreements (MSA) Task Force
WEQ Market Operations Subcommittee (MOS)
      Electric Trading Task Force (ETTF)
WEQ Market Standards Subcommittee (MSS)
      ESS OASIS II Task Force
WEQ Seams Subcommittee

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