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NAESB Certification Program

Effective Date: September 1, 1999
Certification is an activity that many standards organizations and associations undertake. Certification enhances credibility, awareness of the standards, and is a tool that can be used by implementers of the standards, product developers and companies buying the software services, solutions or products. As a tool, the certification program can be used as a quick and inexpensive independent checkpoint to ensure that the key elements of a set of standards have been provided. The NASEB Certification Program will enable companies requesting certification to determine whether their software product(s) or software solution(s) meet specific criteria defined in NAESB standards. The program is voluntary and confidential. Certification will be performed for single products or software solutions using specific versions of the NAESB standards. The certification program will begin with version 1.3 of the GISB standards and will continue with subsequent NAESB versions.

The certified software products can display NAESB Certification Mark provided by NAESB on the documentation for a period of two years, after which re-certification is required.

To learn more about this process, and determine if you are interested in either becoming an Approved Certifier or having your software products or solutions certified, please download the following information:

    NAESB Certification Program - Certified Products
    NAESB Certification Program - Approved Certifiers
    NAESB Certification Program - Version 1.6
    NAESB Certification Checklist - Version 1.6
    NAESB Certification Application for Certification - Version 1.6
    NAESB Certification Appeals Process - Version 1.6
    NAESB Certification Application for a Certifier - Version 1.6
    NAESB Certification Program - Version 1.5
    NASEB Certification Appeals Process
    Check List for GISB Standards Version 1.4
    The GISB Certification Program - Version 1.4
    Application to become an Approved Certifier
    Application for Software Product or Software Solution Certification

If you should encounter any problems or need further information, please call (713) 356-0060.
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