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Annual Meeting Information
Annual Meeting Information

    NAESB's Third Annual Meeting
    September 14-15, 2004
    Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX

    Preliminary Program

    NAESB's 3rd Annual Meeting Registration Form

    Understanding the NAESB WGQ Contracts - Septemer 13-14, 2004 in Austin, TX.

    Registration Form for the September 13-14, 2004 Contracts Standards and Models Course to be held in Austin, TX

    Alternative Hotel Information.

    Presentations from September 14, 2004     Presentation by Michael Desselle, Chairman, NAESB Board of Directors

    Presentation by Jim Buccigross, Chairman, NAESB Executive Committee

    Presentation by Eric Lightner, U.S.Department of Energy, Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution

    Presentation by Christine Tezak, Principal, Schwab Soundview Capital Markets

    Presentation by Neal Wolkoff, CEO, Wolkoff Consulting Services LLC

    Presentations from September 15, 2004     Presentation by Rick Smead, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

    NAESB's Second Annual Meeting
    September 16-17, 2003
    Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX

    NAESB's 2nd Annual Meeting Program.

    NAESB's 2nd Annual Meeting Registration Form.

    Alternative Hotel Information.

    EPRI's Congressional Comments.

    Presentations from September 16, 2003     Presentation by Leonard Haynes, Chairman, NAESB Board of Directors.
    Presentation by Jim Buccigross, Chairman, NAESB Executive Committee.
    Presentation by Richard O'Neill, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
    Presentation by Neal Wolkoff, New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).
    Presentation by Ed Kelly, Wood Mackenzie Ltd.
    Presentation by Paul Pechersky, RJ Rudden Associates.
    Presentation by Chris Uranga, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).
    Presentation by John Hoyt, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
    Presentation by Donato Eassey, Royalist Independent Equity Research.

    Presentations from September 17, 2003     Presentation by Barbara Mariner-Volpe, Energy Information Administration.
    Presentation by R. Scott Brown, Exelon Corp.
    Presentation by Dave McMillan, Calpine Corp.
    Presentation by Joshua Rokach, Balch & Bingham.

    NAESB's First Annual Meeting
    September 24-25, 2002
    Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley, MD

    NAESB's 1st Annual Meeting Program.
    Annual Meeting 2002 NAESB Review, Volume 7, No. 3.
    Presentation by Jim Buccigross, Chairman, NAESB Executive Committee.
    Presentation by Linda Breathitt, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
    Presentation by Rebecca Klein, Chair, Texas PUC.
    Presentation by Bob Rowe, Commissioner, Montana PSC.
    Presentation by Robert Keating, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy.
    Presentation by Donato Eassey, Financial Consultant.
    Presentation by Joe Raia, Director of Marketing/OTC Clearing Services, NYMEX.
    Presentation by Will Johnson, President, Visage Energy Corporation.
    Presentation by Laura Langer, Vice President, Risk Management, PG&E.

    GISB's Seventh Annual Meeting
    September 20-21, 2001
    Hytatt Regency Hotel, Houston, TX

    GISB's 7th Annual Meeting Final Program.
    Presentation by Jim Buccigross, Chairman, GISB Executive Committee.
    Presentation by Robert Gee, Principal, The Gee Strategies Group.
    Presentation by Greg Jensen, Product Marketing Manager, Competitive Analysis & Vertical Markets, PGP Security.
    Presentation by Rebecca Klein, Commissioner, Texas PUC.
    Presentation by Robert Kripowicz, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy.
    Presentation by Jim Moore, Sr. Vice President, Group Planning & Development, Williams Gas Pipeline.
    Presentation by Dave Pfeifer, Vice President, Energy Practice, Iconixx.
    Presentation by Bob Rowe, Commissioner, Montana Public Service Commission.

    GISB's Sixth Annual Meeting
    September 25-26, 2000
    Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

    GISB's 6th Annual Meeting Program.

    GISB's Fifth Annual Meeting
    September 27-28, 1999
    Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

    Presentation by Carl Caldwell, Manager, Energy Practices, CGI.
    Presentation by Scott McDonald, Senior Vice President, Proxicom.
    Presentation by Cary Metz, Gas Supply Specialist, Midland Cogeneration Ventures.
    Preview of GISB's 5th Annual Meeting -- Location, Registration, and Special Events.
    Program Preview and Registration Form.
    Request for Papers: Case Studies: Corporate Process Streamlining Through Adoption of GISB Standards.

    GISB's Fourth Annual Meeting
    September 28-30, 1998
    Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

    Mike Bray, GISB Executive Committee and Vice President, Corporate Rates and Regulatory Affairs, Duke Energy -
    Executive Committee Report.
    Katie Hirning, Chief Information Officer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Chair, Y2K Oil and Gas Industry Issues,
    President's Commission on Year 2000 -
President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion.
    James L. Hoecker, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission -
    Is the Natural Gas Business Ready for the Information Economy?
    Bob Keating, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy -
    Massachusetts Natural Gas Unbundling Initiatives.
    Mary Jane McCartney, Senior Vice President, Gas Operations, Consolidated Edison - LDC Implementation of GISB Standards.
    Peter Nance, Senior Principal, Teknecon Energy Risk Advisors - Financial Issues of Electronic Commerce in Natural Gas.
    Mike Novak, Assistant General Manager, National Fuel Gas Distribution - GISB Standards Implementation - An LDC Viewpoint.
    Andy Sonderman, Secretary and General Counsel, Columbia Gas Distribution Cos. - An Update on GISB Standards Implementation.
    Dick Sutton, Principal, Jofree Corp. - Brave New Gas World Issues and Challenges:
    File One / File Two

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